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Speaking of the hotspots of this year's latest tide, it is not a "garbage classification". Therefore, this is also a very hot spot for the 2020 national examination. The map shows that everyone has prepared a hot topic to interpret the “garbage classification” and prepare for the exam early.

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With the acceleration of urban development, there is more and more urban garbage, and some cities even have the hidden worry of “garbage besieged city”. The distribution and recycling of waste sorting is an effective method to reduce waste and waste resources, and is also the general direction of urban waste control. However, since the promotion of garbage classification, there have been many problems, and the effect of garbage classification is not satisfactory.

The futurist Toffler once predicted in《第三次浪潮》: "After the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, computer revolution, another wave that affects the survival and development of mankind will be the garbage revolution that will occur at the turn of the century." At the turn of the day, eight cities including Beijing and Shanghai became the first batch of waste sorting treatment cities in China. Over the years, most of the pilot results were unsatisfactory. In general, waste sorting has initiatives, lack of standards, pilots, less management, and slow progress.

In 2019, the garbage sorting management presses the accelerator button all the time, and many places are intensively enacted. According to the People's Daily, the implementation of the《合肥市生活垃圾管理办法》on March 15 made a series of regulations on the management of domestic waste, including the classification of waste into the credit system.


[Hazards of Domestic Waste Pollution]

If municipal solid waste and other solid wastes are improperly handled and managed, the harmful components contained in them will enter the environment and the human body through various channels, causing various damages to the ecosystem and the environment.






Garbage sorting is classified as recyclable and non-recyclable when it is placed, and then sorted, sorted, and recycled. until the garbage is returned to the resource. In this way, not only the recycling rate of garbage is improved, but the value of turning waste into treasure is also generated, and the current status of the garbage surrounding city and the pollution generated when the garbage is disposed are gradually solved. The concept of garbage sorting has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the implementation in reality is difficult. I think that there are several reasons why classification work is difficult to implement:

First, the city did not establish a recycling system that “pre-classified distribution, medium-term classified collection and transportation, and post-classification processing and utilization”.

Second, the terminal processing and utilization facilities for garbage sorting have not yet been completed.

Third, the publicity is not in place, and the general public lacks common knowledge about garbage classification.

Fourth, the laws and regulations related to environmental protection and law enforcement are lagging behind, and there is neither guarantee nor binding.


Garbage classification is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal, and is a scientific management method for the effective disposal of garbage. In the face of increasing garbage production and deteriorating environmental conditions, people have minimized the amount of garbage disposal through garbage classification management, realizing the utilization of garbage resources and improving the quality of the living environment.

xxReduce garbage. The so-called garbage is actually a resource, and it is garbage when you misplace it. Waste paper, waste plastics, scrap metal, waste glass, and old clothes can be recycled and processed into corresponding raw materials; leftovers, leftovers, and melon peels can be turned into organic fertilizers to produce green vegetables and food. Old appliances and mobile phones can be used to disassemble precious raw materials such as rare metals; old furniture can be repaired and re-sold and sold in the second-hand market; even decoration garbage can be a valuable material for reclamation and filling; other flammable garbage You can go to incineration to generate electricity; you can't handle the garbage and go to landfill. In developed countries such as Sweden, landfill waste accounts for only one percent of the country's total waste, while landfill waste in China is as high as 90% and tens of thousands of acres of land. It can be seen that through the classification of garbage, the recyclable garbage is distributed to related enterprises and units for treatment, which will effectively reduce the amount of real garbage.

save resources. We have fewer and fewer forests because trees are being cut down as raw materials; our oil needs to be imported in large quantities because our own oil is not enough; our mountains are becoming more and more bald because the demand for minerals is growing stronger. If the used goods are finally permanently discarded, then for the continuous production, only more limited resources on the earth can be consumed. However, if the used goods are recycled and processed into raw materials, they can be made. Recycling effectively reduces dependence on resources such as trees, oil, and minerals. If resources can be reused, it will become a huge social asset.

















XX“世界上没有垃圾,只有错误地方的资源。”垃圾分类是将废物变成宝藏,有利于国家和人民的好事。你为什么要面对成为好人的困境?原因是你无法调动居民的积极性。整合人们的生活是关键。众所周知,垃圾分类的首要考虑因素是分类,需要所有人参与。该步骤不好,并且将不讨论随后的分类,分类,运输和分类处理。 “互联网+”和奖励机制相结合,引导居民进行分类和交付,这是捕捉垃圾分类的“牛鼻子”,值得称赞。